Rabu, 14 Januari 2015

welcome to (dresses) paradise!!

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Before we jump into another branding topic. I wanna share my very first fashion's moodboard. I was very pleased when the lovely Ella from Aviva Dress contacted me to talk about her gorgeous online shop. then I suddenly thought of making an attractive design from their dress collection, because they look amazing. This moodboard like telling you about the paradise of dresses, I purposely made the designs seem like paradise because there are a lot of very beautiful dresses for all kinds of occasions! From a Quinceanera, a homecoming night, to an evening dress or a prom night and, for special wedding day. 

Aviva Dress makes you shopping experience effortless and simple always ending with joy and the perfect dress. it's like one stop shopping concept for dressing.  You do not have to rush from one store to another store, everything you need is here. the crew behind Aviva Dress worked hard so that every girl can find her dream dress quick and easy, delivering it all around the world! be a smart shopper by make it efficient, you don't need to waste your time, you can still save money and the most important is you look beautiful!

If you are planning your wedding, attending a wedding, or even a special occasion, I would definitely recommend visiting the Aviva Dress website - you wont be disappointed!

P.S: Don't miss the discounts for this new year 2015! Make the best buy :)

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  1. Amazing post,my dear!
    Just wanted to say that i mentioned you in my last post as one of my fav blogs:)

    1. hi antonella, i just left a message at your blog. did you got it? :))

      anyway i wanna say a supper thank you when i see there's my blog in your writing. i'm very happy and grateful because i found a faraway friend who appreciate my work, and you give me a new spirit to be a serious blogger. actually i'm not an expert or a perfect writer. but the blogging things always inspire me like this time. thank you for coming to my blog darling and i really appreciate it. now i start with a new story with saturday love sunday, hope you'll enjoy my writing. but i'm sorry there're many post using my own language because i have a goal to engange and share about marketing and design to indonesian reader.

      you're a positive girl and have delightful personality. I really enjoyed browsing through your blog and I absolutely love your blog layout and obviously the contents as well. I will be looking forward to more updates on your blog :)

      keep in touch! i wanna be you faraway blogger friend :)