Rabu, 26 November 2014

sites for starting over

  "All the experiences in life, no matter how hard, happen for a reason. they make you stronger, smarter and braver" (Anonim)

Okaaay, recently my life was like a parade. About friendship, exam, job, boys, tell the truth and many other problem that came and gone. And I always think to starting over and over again. Push myself to be a positive girl. But the difficult part is I used to be a naive girl, that I can’t say NO, I can’t express my emotion well, and can’t fight for my happiness. That’s the point, I have to change my bad habits as soon as possible.

Well, do you ever feel ‘down’ in your life?. No motivation and don’t know what to do. But sometimes we don’t have any good references to start a new life. So I have idea to share some recommended sites for you, sharing my experience :P

Okay, the first is zenhabit, the best guide to simplicity I've read. Four years ago he started ZenHabits. within a year he had 26k subscribers and quit his job. Today his follower's are at over 200k and Time magazine recently named his blog #1 of 2010. his thought on business, simplicity and living on your terms were profound. Leo is the model for success for countless web entrepreneurs

The Second is blogilates, Loosing weight or being healthy both you can get from this site. Cassey Ho is an online workout guru! She is an inspiration to myself and thousands of other followers. I am so obsessed with her. Every month Cassey post new workout calendars for a daily workout, that is amazing! Each workout takes around an hour a day and you actually fun doing them. She also offers meal plans, has an online store, and much much more. I am her biggest fan. For real!I love her smile, she always looked happy and happy. 


The Third is pinterest,  this is the most favourite social media that i love. pinterest has taken the social media world by storm in a great way. Yes, you might take way too much of your time flitting around there, but do you have a smile on your face while you are on it? yes or yes?. hhehhehehe. In case you don't know pinterest is super chic visual bookmarking website that is slick and very user friendly. over there you create a collection of virtual pin boards. these boards consist of your favorite websites, blogs, photographs and more. you categorize each image and you share with others. people who follow you can then click through to the website it was pinned from to learn more about that photograph, website or blog post.

Get out there and give Pinterest a try, I think you gonna like it!

P.S: buat yang mau photoshop portable kirim email ke aku yah, biar bisa aku kirim link downloadnya :)

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  1. Ahh, sudah lama nggak main ke sini..
    Well, pinterest memang menyenangkaaan



  2. Photoshop portable sounds interesting, as interesting as pinterest :D

    Have a nice day :)

  3. I love your blog!! Well done


  4. Akhirnya ada juga yang sepakat bahwa Pinterest itu nyenengin dan bikin nagih, hihi..tapi instead of langsung ke link dari pin yang ku repin malah ngumpulin fanart dan captionnya dibikin dagelan :)

    Salam kenal ya, main-main ke blog ku kalau sempat :)


  5. Blogilates looks pretty amazing. Gonna go and check it out. Sounds exactly like something I would need.