Kamis, 03 November 2011

we face the UTS!!

Whhhhoooooaaaaaaaaaa,, hhahahaha… we face the mid test in this week.. we should prepare everything before the test, cause this is the first test season for us (2011 graduation)
When I open my Understanding Business book (Nickels/Mc Hugh) I found ‘test-taking hints’ there, hhe…
I really love this book, I can get so many things and good content there.. here I wanna share some of the material that I get interest:
Test-Taking Hints:
1.       Get Plenty of sleep and a good meal
It’s better to be alert and awake during an exam than to study all night and be groggy. If you keep up with your reading and your reviews, you won’t need to pull an all nighter. Proper nutrition plays an important part in your brain’s ability to function.
2.       Bring all you need for the exam.
Sometimes you’ll need 2 pencils, erasers, and calculator. Ask beforehand
3.       Relax
At home before test, take deep, slow breath. Picture yourself in the testing session, relaxed and confident. Get to class early to settle down. If you start to get nervous during the test, stop and take a few dwwp breaths. Turn the test over and write down information you remember. Sometimes this help you connect the information you know to the question
4.       Read the direction on the exam carefully
You don’t want to miss anything or do something you’re not supposed to do
5.       Answer all the question
Unless your instructor takes off more for an incorrect answer than for no answer , you have nothing to lose by guesting.
6.       Read true or false question carefully
7.       Organize your though before answering essay question
Think about the sequence in which to bperesent what you want to say. Use complete sentence with correct grammar and punctuation.
8.       Go over the test at the end
Make sure you have answered all the question, put your name on the exam, and followed all directions.

Pray for us yaaaaa,, hope Allah give the best wishes..
Thank U all ^^

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